About Us

The goal of Province III is to encourage a forum for the sharing of programs, resources and ministries by the people of the 1187 provincial parishes and the thirteen dioceses in such a way as to develop effective strategies for coordinating and enhancing the use of regional and national resources.


To that end Province III has Ministry Coordinators: Altar Guild, Anti-Racism Awareness and Training, Campus Ministries, Christian Education, Church Periodical Club, Episcopal Church Women, Congregational Development, Health Ministries, Peace & Justice, Small Church Ministry, Vocations Ministry, United Thank Offering and Youth Ministry.


Province III Synod meets annually in April or May.  On General Convention years, Synod helps deputies prepare for Convention.  On other years, Synod meets for an educational program and business meeting with elections of Provincial Officers and Executive Council members from from the Province are elected.  Resolutions for General Convention and Executive Council are considered.


The Province III Council meets annually in October to hear ministry updates and needs was well as pass the annual budget.  The Coodinators schedule  meetings and events in their respective ministry area throughout the year. The Province III Coordinator is available throughout the year to field questions and respond to ministry needs in the Province.

Province III  provides opportunities for groups and ministries within the Province to influence those people involved in decision-making at all levels of this Church, particularly General Convention, the Executive Council and Executive Council Staff.

Provincial Coordinator: Dr. Pamela D.H. Cochran, p3coordinator@gmail.com

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