79th General Convention


The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church will be held July 5-13, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

Follow the work of General Convention via Episcopal News Service.

Maryland Diocesan Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton, co-convener of Bishops Against Gun Violence, and Washington Diocesan Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde speak at a public witness against gun violence Sunday, July 8 at the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Austin, TX.



General Convention website

Blue Book Reports and Individual Reports

General Convention Orientation videos

Orientation Booklet for Bishops & Deputies

Triennial Draft Budget video


Preparing for General Convention Webinar Series

Recording of Reconciliation, Prison Reform, Gun Violence and more

Recording of Evangelism, Leadership Formation in Small Churches, and Church Planting

Recording of Structure, Provinces, Title IV, and Church Wide Leadership

Stewardship of Creation - to be held June 14, 7:30 p.m. Register here.


Province III Resolutions to General Convention

Resolution 1 - Local Farm Food

Resolution 2 - Sanctuary

Resolution 3 - The Way of Light

Resolution 4 - Paid Family Leave

Resolution 5 - Canon III.1

Resolution 6 - Transgender Youth

Resolution 7 - The Rev. Paul Watson

Resolution 8 - Full Inclusion

Resolution 9 - Young Adult Service Corps

Resolution 10 - Canon I.1.2