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The Anti Racism Ministry continues to sponsor training sessions using the funds received from a Constable Grant Award of $13,200 for “Building & Enhancing Anti-Racism Ministry throughout Province III.  The Anti Racism Ministry seeks to support anti-racism workshops where none exist and strengthen those that do.


Anti-Racism Ministry Report, Sept. 2017

About three years ago It occurred to me that folks at the local level (Parish/Diocese) may not have been aware of the latest Resolution General Convention adopted having to do with race. In most instances, there may not have been an understanding that (1) Executive Council of the Episcopal Church had in 1979 been directed to "Implement an Institutional Program of Racial Justice in the Church"(1979-B052) and (2) that since 1979 General Convention has adopted resolutions as a response to that resolution, and (3) that subsequent resolutions adopted over a period of 36 years (I believe) constitute the "Racial Justice Program” of the Episcopal Church.

I identified what I considered the appropriate Resolutions. They became a document to which I gave the title "A Timeline: Anti-Racism Ministry-the Church's Effort to Reinvent Itself".

The document was distributed at two meetings of Synod and two Provincial Council meetings. They were also mailed to the diocesan Chairs/Co-Chairs /contact persons for their Anti-Racism Committees/Commissions.

In the past, dioceses were asked to complete a survey as a means of collecting information for an annual report. In 2016, in an effort to more definitively learn what dioceses were doing and as an opportunity for self-examination (by each diocese), each diocese was asked to complete a simple checklist by indicating if their diocese had adopted or responded to the resolutions listed on the "Timeline". Three dioceses completed and returned the checklist. Some Dioceses did not have anyone coordinating Anti-racism work in their diocese. In other dioceses, the leadership for the work was changing. A staff person in one Diocese said they had not thought about "that" for years.

Because there are dioceses where no training is occurring a "Training/Refreshing the Trainer/Facilitator" Workshop was held June 1-3, 2017 in Martinsburg, WV. This was part of our on-going effort to have folks in each diocese trained to lead workshops using "Seeing the Face of God in Each Other."  This is the curriculum developed by the Episcopal Church for use in the Episcopal Church. The workshop leader was the Rev Jayne Oasin, former Program Officer for Anti-Racism and Gender Equality, Episcopal Church Center. Fifteen folks from 5 of the 13 dioceses attended the workshop. Others inquired but had schedule conflicts. One National staff person was present for most of the Workshop.

"Seasoned/experienced" trainers are encouraged to assist those who are newly trained by either helping them conduct workshops in their diocese and/or inviting them to participate as trainers in other dioceses.

We have encouraged cooperation between dioceses not only with training but also with other projects. This year there appears to have been at least an 80% turnover in diocesan Anti-Racism Chairs/Contact persons. In 2018 our emphasis will be to engage this new leadership with emphasis on what General Convention over the years has asked parishes and dioceses to do and on the recently released document "Becoming Beloved Community".

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Travis Bolden, Coordinator
Province III Anti-Racism Ministry

Last Published: October 3, 2017 11:04 AM