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SAVE THE DATE: The Opioid Task Force of Province III announces A Pilgrimage to Huntington, WV
March 25-26, 2019

According to the Mayor's Office of Drug Control Policy Strategic Plan dated 2017, more than 10% of the population of Huntington is addicted to opioids. For 2016, 1,476 drug overdose incidents were reported in Cabell County,which is a 443% increase over 2014. Widely regarded as "Ground Zero" for the Opioid epidemic in the United States, community leaders in Huntington acknowledged the grave situation early and it is becoming an example for other communities seeking to offer a caring response, prevention strategies, and recovery resources that really serve individuals and families in need. Pilgrims will walk in THE WAY OF LOVE: crossing boundaries, listening deeply, and living like Jesus.

Organized by the Opioid Response Task Force of Province III of the Episcopal Church. Details forthcoming. Contact: Susan Beares -

2018 Provincial Council Meeting held October 22

Click here for details on this year's Council meeting.

Province III Opioid Task Force News

On September 11-12, 2018 members of the Opioid Task Force of Province III of The Episcopal Church met in person at the Claggett Center in Adamstown, MD and via video conference to share resources, content, and best practices and to organize for advocacy.

An important outcome of these conversations is a new summer camp at the Claggett Center for children whose parents are addicted to opioids/heroine or have died as a result of an overdose. 65 spots are available for children from any of Province III’s thirteen dioceses. The task force is working on securing full funding to insure that every interested person can attend.

All sessions were video recorded. If you are interested in viewing these, please contact us at

Opioid Task Force Sept 2018

Pictured L to R: Amanda Kotval (Diocese of Virginia), The Rev. Barbara Ambrose (Diocese of Virginia), Jim Kamihachi (Diocese of Easton), Louise Kamihachi (Diocese of Easton), The Rev. Jan Brown (Diocese of Southern Virginia), Dr. Bobbie Brown (Diocese of Maryland), Karl Colder (Diocese of Virginia), The Rev. Linda Watkins (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), The Rev. Jay Geisler (Diocese of Pittsburgh), Dr. Maria Perez (Diocese of Delaware), Andy Muhl (Diocese of Pittsburgh), The Rev. Regis Smolko (Diocese of Pittsburgh), Lynne Graham (Diocese of Bethlehem), Robert Evans (Diocese of Maryland), Kathy Bailey (Diocese of Bethlehem), The Rev. Dina van Klaveren (Diocese of Maryland), Nora Becker (Diocese of West Virginia). Not pictured: The Rev. Mary Norton (Diocese of Northwest Pennsylvania), Alexis Guszick (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), Greg Smith (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), Stacey Catigano (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), The Rev. Kevin Cross (Diocese of Easton), Dr. John Aldis (Diocese of Maryland), Pam Cochran (Province III Coordinator), Sharon Logsdon (Province III Health Coordinator), The Rev. Rick Vinson (Diocese of Pennsylvania), Kristie Taylor (Diocese of Washington), John Unger (Diocese of West Virginia)

Title IV Training

Click here for the Title IV website/training that the Episcopal Church would like to have as many people as possible review and provide feedback before this summer's 79th General Convention (July 5-13, 2018).

General Convention Youth Presence members announced

Congratulations to Province III youth Alexander Ward, Diocese of West Virginia, and Andrew K. Kasule, Diocese of Washington, for being chosen as official youth members of General Convention 2018.  Read about other youth members and the Official Youth Presence at General Convention here.

Province III Opioid Task Force commissioned

p3 opioid task forceThe Rt. Rev. William “Mike” Klusmeyer (WV), President of Province III, has commissioned a task force to consider how the church in the Mid-Atlantic can respond to the opioid pandemic.  The Rev. Dina van Klavern serves as chair of the task force.  She has gathered a group of clergy and laity who have a heart for those most affected by the opioid pandemic or have expertise to share. Members now are prayerfully discerning action going forward that may include law enforcement, healthcare, public policy, and engagement of local congregations.   

One of the 2016 UTO grants, in Province III at St. Luke’s Annapolis in the Diocese of Maryland:
St. Luke's Restoration of Nature: A Comprehensive Watershed Restoration Project

Watershed restorationIn August 2017, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Annapolis, MD (Diocese of Maryland) began construction on a comprehensive watershed restoration initiative on Back Creek. The project follows Chesapeake Bay Program guidelines and uses nature’s own technology to clean and filter 28 acres of urban stormwater runoff that currently flows directly into the creek through a municipal pipe system. Components of the project include curb cuts, native trees and plants, a regenerative stream channel, wetlands, tidal marsh, and a living shoreline, all of which will aid in restoring the health of the Bay. The final result will be a restored ecosystem that reduces pollution and sediment entering the creek, provides abundant food and shelter for wildlife, and creates quality green space for the community, including an environmental education campus for teaching stewardship of creation. Click here to read about this project.


Community Garden at St. Mary Magdalene in Silver Spring, MD