Provincial Coordinator position information


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Position Title: Province III Coordinator

Reports to: Province III President, Vice President, and Treasurer

Province III seeks a motivated individual to serve as its operations manager.  This position requires a courteous and competent individual with strong communication and technical skills to direct the outreach of Province III to its thirteen Dioceses and to the Episcopal Church around the world.

The primary objective of the Coordinator’s duties between now and the 2018 General Convention is to equip our dioceses to participate in the following programs effectively and regularly with the Province and each other through remote means:

  • Continuing theological education for clergy and lay leaders;
  • Training in church management including information technology (IT) competence, Canon Law instruction, professional development for vestry and wardens, and the clergy disciplinary process;
  • Development and nurturing ethnically diverse congregations including those using languages other than English in their liturgies;
  • Initial training in fostering racial reconciliation in preparation for in-person workshops

To these ends, the successful candidate must be competent working with IT applications and uses including not only facilitating regular conference calls with many participants ( i.e. the Go To  Meeting software) but also hosting and facilitating training webinars.

Equally important, the Province III Coordinator will be expected to take the lead in identifying strong resources within our dioceses which can be shared readily across diocesan boundaries thus strengthening ministries across the Province at the parish and diocesan levels. The Coordinator is expected to be in regular consultation with our Bishops and Standing Committee Chairs to facilitate a culture of collaboration in resolving issues and accomplishing the goals of the dioceses and the Province.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establishes a network of resources for shared ministry support;
  • Works with appropriate IT consultants, Diocesan Bishops, Standing Committee Chairs and Province III Leadership;
  • By June 2018 the Coordinator is expected to have established at last four working networks to share training and resources remotely on a regularly scheduled basis (at least quarterly in each discipline) across all of our Dioceses willing to participate.  Each network will be expected to have held at least one meeting/webinar and have others scheduled.


  • Co-ordinates all arrangements for the annual Synod
  • Co-ordinates all arrangements for the meetings of the Provincial Council
  • Creates the agendas with the President for all meetings; notifies members of meetings and events
  • Facilitates the Synod meeting, Council Meetings and the Network Coordinator Meetings (previous day)-May  and Oct

Ministry Support

  • Works with the Network Coordinators to support and promote the respective ministries
  • Meets monthly with the President and at various times with other officers
  • Recruits individuals to fill Council and ministries’ vacancies
  • Establishes, with the President, Province III ministries and initiatives with Council’s  approval


  • Prepares, with the Treasurer,  the proposed annual budget
  • Works with Provincial Ministry Coordinators in preparation of budget to best support their  ministries
  • With the Treasurer, monitors the financial performance to the budget during the year


  • Attends Provincial Synod and Council meetings biannually
  • Prepares reports for Provincial meetings (budget with Treasurer)
  • Attends the annual Provincial Leadership Conference and the triennial General Convention  (Province Dinner and PB Nominating Committee Election)


  • Maintains regular email and phone contacts with other province coordinators, Central Church office, the 13 Province III diocesan offices, the ministry  coordinators, and the Diocesan Representatives
  • Meets with coordinators as requested; strives to attend ministries’ meetings and events
  • Responds to inquiries concerning Province III
  • Maintains all contact information for Province III officers, delegates, representatives, deputies, and 13 Province III  Diocesan offices
  • Strives either to attend or arrange for a Province III representative to attend Diocesan Conventions with Province III display; sometimes addresses Convention
  • Prepares all correspondence as necessary
  • Oversees  the Province III  website


  • Collects news articles, write articles, creates layout using Microsoft Publisher  or comparable application
  • Maintains mailing list and arranges for the printing and distribution of the Newsletter

Additional Requirements - The successful candidate must:

  • Possesses work-life flexibility to adjust personal schedule to accommodate diverse hours and meetings at locations throughout the Province.
  • Maintain a valid State driver’s license, access to private transportation in fulfilling above duties. (Reimbursement provided for work-related travel.)
  • Work collaboratively with others in the Province work style required
  • Ensure appropriate confidentiality, when necessary
  • Be familiar with the Episcopal Church
  • Willingly develop an ever-increasing knowledge of the “polity” of The Episcopal Church and the nine Provinces.
  • Effectively  and diplomatically  communicate in a manner  appropriate for this highly visible ambassador of Province III
  • Exhibit mature judgment in working with a wide range of constituencies and handling all matters with discretion.

Experience & Competencies:

  • Undergraduate degree or comparable education and work experience;
  • Administrative experience with church and/or non-profit organizations, including arranging and organizing conference meetings, particularly those relying upon technology for virtual meetings and webinars;
  • Proven knowledge of work flow management, organizational skills and attention to detail;
  • Experience planning, developing and administering budgets;
  • Knowledge of current advanced communication and web technologies;
  • Demonstrated competence using the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint)

Compensation:  Starting at $45,000 - $55,000 annually, based on experience and skills

Classification: Three quarter time, at-will, exempt salaried position

Position Available: April 1, 2017

Apply: Email cover letter and résumé to:
Karen Kinnamont Stewart, CPA, MSM, MBA
Province III Treasurer
C/O The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland
4 E University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 554-6385 (Direct)
(410) 554-6387 (Fax)

Last Published: January 31, 2017 2:49 PM