Synod Materials


Materials for the 2018 Synod


Proposed revision of Ordinance VI of Province III

PLC Preparing for General Convention Webinar Videos

Report of the Commission on Impairment and Leadership

General Convention Blue Book Reports and Individual Reports



Resolution 1 - Local Farm Food

Resolution 2 - Sanctuary

Resolution 3 - The Way of Light

Resolution 4 - Paid Family Leave

Resolution 5 - Canon III.1

Resolution 6 - Transgender Youth

Resolution 7 - The Rev. Paul Watson

Resolution 8 - Full Inclusion

Resolution 9 - Young Adult Service Corps

Resolution 10 - Canon I.1.2

Job Descriptions


Vice President



Synod Diocesan Representative - Bishops & Deputies

Council Diocesan Representative

Representatives to the Executive Council

Ministry Coordinator

Province III Coordinator


Current President
The Rt. Rev. William "Mike" Klusmeyer (WV)

Current Secretary
Bob Kilp (CPA)

Vice President
The Rev. Nathaniel Pierce

Judith L. Gregory

Executive Council
The Rev. Chadwick Slater
The Rev. Scott Slater
The Rev. Adam Trambley
The Rev. David Wacaster

PIII Presiding Bishop Nominating Committee
Clergy:  The Rev. Chadwick Slater
Lay:  Alice R. Webley


Last Published: May 16, 2018 2:17 PM